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Dear Friends

As a result of Israel’s present economic situation, more women are considering aborting for financial reasons. EFRAT is determined to change that trend.

EFRAT works hand in hand with Israel’s social services to assist women in having their babies. EFRAT educates women to the options available to them, while providing them with the freedom to make an informed choice. If a woman is considering aborting for economic reasons, we ease the financial pressure by providing her with groceries and basic baby supplies.

In the past five years, we have saved around four thousand children yearly.  With additional resources, we could save many more. Please help us to save Jewish children.

With gratitude and blessings,

Dr. Eli J. Schussheim

President, EFRAT


Click here for our Secure Donation Form

IN ISRAEL - EFRAT is a registered non-profit organization, according to clause 46 of the Israeli tax law. Our tax exemption number is 58-000936-3. Every contribution is important to us and helps us to save more lives.

IN THE UNITED STATES – EFRAT is a registered non-profit organization. Our tax exemption number is 22-3431457

IN ENGLAND - Our registered charity number is 1100736.

You can donate:
    1. On this website.
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    2. By telephone. Please call 972-2-653-6212.

    3. By mail:

      10 Ha’Iluy Street 
      P.O.B. 6325,
      Jerusalem, Israel 91062

United States:
      Committee for the Rescue of Israel's Babies
      1274 49th st. suite 569
      Brooklyn, NY 11219

Canadian donors who would like to recieve a Canadian tax-receipt are encouraged to consider donating to our sister organization in Canada, Crib Canada, a registered Canadian charity.  They provide assistance to our families most in need.  Please visit their website

United Kingdom:
      British Supporters of EPHRAT
      c/o A. J. Neuwirth
      30 St. George's Rd.
      London, NW11 0LR
      Tel: 44(0)20-8458-2241
      Fax 44(0)20-8731-7433

     Antwerpen Friends of EFRAT
     Conscienstraat 46
     2018 Antwerp

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